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    Architects Cork: If you are living in Ireland, an architect for homes plays an important role in your building project. We at Titan Construction, your building contractors in Cork, surround our projects with qualified team members to help you deliver your project.

    Architects Cork

    Speak to Brendan Ronayne Architect Technician, for more information on any of these architecture services in Cork and he would be more than happy to go through any of the details with you.

    What is the average cost to hire architects Cork/ how much do architects charge in Ireland?

    Architect’s fees vary widely depending on the scope of your project and the level of involvement of the architect. Architects in Ireland typically charge a percentage of build cost. This can range from anywhere between 5% – 15%. Fees can vary with design and build companies charging different rates to architects that offer design only services. Overall costs can be based on a cost per sq metre with the architect’s professional fees being calculated as a percentage.

    Architects Cork – Do I need an architect for my home extension?

    According to the RIAI, the following are some services typically offered by your architect in Ireland:

    1. Building Design

    2. Survey Drawings

    3. Brief Development

    4. Co-ordinating other Consultants

    5. PSDP/PSCS

    6. Project Management


    1. Building Design

    We offer a full Design and Build process to our clients. We have a full team of Architects, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors to provide the full design and build package.

    1. Survey Drawings

    We can provide a full Planning service for your proposed project ensuring you get the best possible advice and return for your investment

    1. Brief Development

    We will, where possible offer practical construction alternatives and/ or products to help reduce the overall cost of the project if required

    1. Co-ordinating other Consultants

    We will Liaise with relevant utility companies and local authorities to ensure your home or commercial unit is fully operational for you to use at the end of the construction process.

    1. PSDP/PSCS

    Health and Safety is so important that we will help you through the safety requirements and advise you of your duties as a client.

    1. Project Management

    We have members of our team who will guide you through the process of your build, managing your project from inception to completion.

    entage of this. The RIAI cites the standard cost per sq metre as ranging from €2,000 to €2,500 in 2019.