Extending your home- A beginner’s guide

Here we share six simple steps you should take when preparing to extend your home. Whether it be a small add on to your kitchen space, or a two storey extension to increase your bedroom or living areas, here’s what you need to consider before you embark on the project.

1. The Design Process

The first thing you need to consider is the design and functionality of your new extension. Ask yourself, what do you need from your extension?

Do you engage an Architect / Architect Tech / Interior Designer or a Design and Build Company? The cost of each of the above can range significantly depending on the size and complexity of the project.

2. Planning Approval

It is very important to understand the planning regulations. Before you take on any project get professional advice, to ensure that your proposed extension is within the permitted planning guidelines.

3. Things to consider before starting on site

Make sure the contractor that is appointed has insurance cover. Also be advised of your responsibility as a client – if your project is over certain parameters you may be advised to appoint the role of a Project Supervisor Design Stage and Construction Stage, there is more advice on this on the Health and Safety Authority website here

The other major factors when taking on a project is to consider your neighbours. Consider boundary lines and site security to ensure the safety of your neighbours and their children.

4. Selecting your contractor

This is obviously the part of the process that can create the most stress, and getting the right contractor is the key to a successful quality build.

My advice is to engage a proven local contractor that is accredited to the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) see here, and Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI). You can check the register at check the register here.

The most important thing is to engage with a contractor through word of mouth, local knowledge and of course speak to friends and family.

5. During the build

It is extremely important to keep the lines of communication open with the contractor and request a schedule of the works so you can be organised for the build.

The main items to consider even before the build gets underway are the windows, kitchen layout, electrical and plumbing layout and sanitary ware. These items are very personal and may take longer than expected to select. The last thing any client wants is to rush these decision, so once you know you are happy to proceed with your build, it is best to get going with your selection process.

6. Payments and completion

Before starting on site it is best to sign a contract, outlining the contract sum and agreeing the scope of the work to be completed. It is also best to discuss with the contractor the frequency of payments and amount of retention if any is to be applied. You should also agree with the contractor the timescale of the project and discuss the handover date.

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