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Extension on kitchen

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    Extension on kitchen

    Kitchen extensions are one of the most common extension types in Ireland. The kitchen can be the heart of many homes and with a room that carries out so many functions of the modern family, it is important that a kitchen extension is planned and designed to suit your lifestyle and your family’s needs.

    As with any room in your house, the style of the kitchen depends on your personal style, but with a kitchen extension there are a number of factors to consider.

    How do you extend a kitchen?

    1. Consider the functions of the space
    2. Create distinct zones for each function- cooking, eating, entertaining
    3. Consider the utilities with regard to plumbing
    4. Use visual cues such as clever lighting to distinguish between zones
    5. Get as much natural light as possible into the space

    ‘Forms follows function’ when extending your kitchen and the function of the space should be considered in terms of creating functional areas for cooking, eating and entertaining. You can use visual cues such as lighting or the addition of a breakfast bar to distinguish between the distinct zones.

    For further details, the Citizens Information website has information on the planning regulations for extensions in Ireland.
    We at Titan Construction have over 10 years’ experience as building contractors in Cork. If you are considering a kitchen extension, please contact us to arrange a home consultation for your extension project or see some of our previous extensions and renovations in Cork

    Ideas for extension on kitchen. Click on arrows to view more inspiration or click on image to enlarge.