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    House Design Ireland

    If you are thinking of a new-build house design in Ireland, there are a number of factors to consider:
    1. Location, location location
    2. Budget
    3. Style

    Location, location location

    As the phrase goes: “location, location, location”. It is very important when planning a house design that you choose the right location for you. If you are hoping to build in an urban area, finding an empty plot of land can be difficult so it may be worthwhile looking at demolition or renovation of existing run down houses. This can add to your budget so be mindful of the budget you have set out when choosing where and what type of land to buy. Also when choosing a location, it’s important to think about planning permission and whether the site has full existing, outline or no planning permission. There are certain restrictions on planning permission in areas of Ireland. See our section on planning permission Cork for further details.


    Even though we all need to think big when it comes to designing our dream homes, it is very important that you start with a realistic budget and know your limits. This make it easier to choose the home that will give you the best value in terms of design and it makes it easier to communicate with your team in terms of what’s off limits. We at Titan Construction, Building Contractors, Cork can assist you with creating your budget and will always consider the actual budget of our clients when we design your dream homes. We will help you to find suitable alternatives for more expensive options and we will aim to build the home of your dream within your actual budget.


    There are many different types of home from modern homes to traditional style homes and everything in between. A good place to start when designing your dream home is through looking at other homes that you like and can picture yourself living in. If you like a lot of modern homes, perhaps this is the style that would best suit your dream home. We can show you some examples of homes in different styles, and we can help you to develop your own style of new build home.


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