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Planning Permission Costs

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    There are a number of ancillary planning permission costs

    Planning permission costs can range from €800 upwards, this is dependent on a number of factors and is based on the size and scale of your development.

    Below are an outline of the costs associated with planning permission in Cork:

        1. Paper Advert – €140-00 (approx. cost as this depends on the length of the advert)
        2. Planning Maps – €126-00.
        3. Council Planning Fee – €34-00

    More details are available on the Cork City Council planning page.

    Certain rules apply to planning permission applications. According to the Citizen’s Information Ireland website, you must give a public notice of your proposals before making the application, through a site notice and a local newspaper. The local authority must receive the application within 2 weeks of the newspaper notice, and the site notice must be put up either before or on the date of the application and must remain in place for at least 5 weeks.* You should not start the build before the granting of permission. Some conditions may apply to your planning and this may mean changes to your proposal and a limited time of 5 years usually applies to any application. If your planning is refused, you will be given the reasons for refusal and will have the opportunity to appeal the decision.

    *Exclusions apply over the Christmas period

    If you are building an extension to your home, you may not require planning permission. Please see the section on planning permission for an extension for more information.

    The costs quoted above are the direct ancillary costs of applying for planning permission only and do not include the costs of design and preparation of the drawings and application on your behalf. Please contact us for a quote to assist you in your planning application. We at Titan Construction Cork have over 11 years experience as building contractors in Cork and can assist you with your project ‘from concept to completion’