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Single Storey Extension Costs

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    When building an extension the costs can vary immensely depending on the type of finish and the specifications of your extension. Some things that should be considered when calculating single storey extension costs are:

        1. Site Access
        2. Site Conditions
        3. Specifications of building works and fit out
        4. Location
        5. Renovation to existing house

    The RIAI have published a comprehensive document that outlines building costs in Ireland in 2019.

    We have summarised the extension costs Ireland, as outlined in the document below*:

    Single Storey Extension Costs:

        1. Standard Finish: €1,900 to €2,300 per metre sq
        2. High Spec Finish: €2,000 to €2,500 per metre sq

    Single Storey Extensions with the inclusion of kitchens or bathrooms can be higher. If the amount of space to be extended is lower, the cost per square metre will be higher due to economies of scale and fixed costs. Planning permission may be required depending on the project and planning permission costs should be considered.

    *These cost estimations are guidelines only and a number of assumptions have been made in terms of standard of finish. Exclusions apply to the figures as set out in the documentation. These estimations are dated in April 2019, and costs may have increased since publication date. Please see the full document for further details.

    If you are considering an extension, contact us at Titan Construction, building contractors Cork to arrange a consultation.