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Single Storey Extensions

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    Single Storey Extensions

    The RIAI have published a comprehensive document that outlines building costs in Ireland in 2019.

    We have summarised the extension costs Ireland, as outlined in the document below*:

    Single Storey Extension Costs:

        1. Standard Finish: €1,900 to €2,300 per metre sq
        2. High Spec Finish: €2,000 to €2,500 per metre sq

    Single Storey Extensions with the inclusion of kitchens or bathrooms can be higher. If the amount of space to be extended is lower, the cost per square metre will be higher due to economies of scale and fixed costs. Planning permission may be required depending on the project and planning permission costs should be considered.

    *These cost estimations are guidelines only and a number of assumptions have been made in terms of standard of finish. Exclusions apply to the figures as set out in the documentation. These estimations are dated in April 2019, and costs may have increased since publication date. Please see the full document for further details.

    How to build an extension.

    The process of building an extension takes place over a number of stages:

    1. Consultation
    2. Survey
    3. Design
    4. Planning application
    5. Build
    6. Snag
    7. Handover


    1. Consultation

    Contact us to arrange an appointment for a consultation at your home. We will arrange for one of our professional team to meet with you in person at your home to go through your requirements for your extension project.

    1. Survey

    A member of our team will arrange a date with you to survey your existing home, and will produce a plan of your existing home on which to base the plans for your new extension.

    1. Design & Budget

    Proposed design layouts will be created along with an estimated costing for the project and presented to you. Any feedback you have will be considered and final design proposal will be approved. You will then get a competitive, guaranteed quote – no hidden extras or surprises.

    1. Planning application

    The final design proposal will be submitted for planning if necessary. Note: Planning permission may not be necessary for your project depending on the scope of the extension. Please see the section entitled planning permission for further details.

    1. Build

    The extension will be built according to the design plans by our team. You will get a dedicated project manager to oversee the whole process. We have a dedicated online portal on which you will have full access to the ongoing progress of the project. Monitor whether it’s on target and collaborate in real time. You can easily view, store and share files as the project progresses. The build itself will consist of a number of stages which you can monitor online:

    • Siteworks
    • Build of structure
    • Roofing
    • External finishing
    • Internal structure
    • Services
    • Internal finishing
    1. Snag

    You will have the opportunity to go through the work of the building with a final snag list. We will provide warranties and guarantees of our work to ensure peace of mind for every client.

    1. Handover

    The project will be handed over to you, and you will be able to enjoy your newly built extension.

    How long does it take to build an extension?

    The length of time it takes to build an extension depends on the size and specification of the extension with smaller single storey extensions taking an average of 6-8 weeks and two storey extensions taking longer. We at Titan Construction Cork will ensure that with our online portal that you can monitor the ongoing progress of your extension so that you can plan for the length of time it will take.

    Will I need to move out when building an extension?

    For a larger or more complex extension, you may need to move out, but it is often possible to complete an extension with only a partial upheaval, allowing the project to be completed without you and your family moving out.

    Can you build your own extension?

    There are certain elements of an extension that you can build yourself, however there are certain building regulations that prevent works being carried out by unregistered or uncertified builders. We at Titan Construction, Cork recommend that you use professionals to build your extension. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.